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Meet the WDC Team: Gino

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While we may not physically be together as much these days as we once were, the WDC family is still strong, even when we're kilometres apart.

In the spirit of family, we're excited to showcase some of our valued team on the blog. We recently sat down and had some great conversations and learned many fun facts about each other, from our favourite restaurants, to more about our background, and the asset and uniqueness that brings to the WDC team as a whole. Gino is our commercial foodservice equipment specialist in the Quebec region. Let's dive in and learn more about him.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you wind up at WDC?

"My father was one of two foodservice equipment reps for W.D. Colledge in Quebec originally. The other co-worker of my Dad's retired, and I stepped in to take his place!"

What excites you most about working in the foodservice industry?

"I love problem-solving. I love being able to help the end user find a solution concerning their operation, coming from an equipment and logistical aspect."

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the industry today?

"Because of so many Coronavirus closings within the restaurant industry, we've seen a flood in the used equipment market. Coming from a long-term standpoint, price sensitivity will be even more present than ever, due to the financial loss of institutions, chains, and independent businesses."

Why do you feel foodservice is so important?

"Everyone needs to eat! That's simply not a choice. We've seen restaurants adapt to focus their efforts on takeout and delivery over the past year, as that continues to be a substantial part of foodservice, moreso now than ever." 

What current trends in foodservice stand out the most to you?

"The pizza takeout/delivery model really became pinnacle and a model to strive for. We've also witnessed the rise of ghost kitchens, especially with the expansion of delivery services like Ubereats and Doordash."

Where do you see the future of this industry going? Is there anything that we might see more or less of? 

"I think we'll see more of virtual visits by the restaurant operator and end-user, more technology purchases to monitor easily (such as smart controllers) and and increased awareness on food and serving safety. I think we'll see less buffet-style establishments for the time being."

What is your favorite restaurant and why?

"Nino's restaurant is a local Italian food place by me. Their kitchen is always super clean (we know what to look for!) their food is wonderful, and the experience is always consistently good."

What do you enjoy most about working for WDC?

"My employers are great folks. Neville Jeens is my biggest professional influences, and has been for most of my adult life. They are all genuine, honest, and caring. I truly believe that I couldn't find better people to work for, or a better company to represent."

In terms of the future, what excites you most about working at WDC?

"WDC has been and always will be the most respected rep group in North America. Chris Jeens is taking us to a whole new level that no one else can compete with, and (most importantly) we all work as a team. That's simply exciting!"


Gino's son regularly organizes a Children's Hospital fundraiser, benefitting the oncology department. This photo of Gino and his family was taken there, and his love for his family radiates through it. We're lucky to have Gino on the W.D. Colledge team, and thank him for his insight and perspective as we discuss relevant Canadian foodservice industry topics, as well as some fun personal ones.

We invite you to learn more about the W.D. Colledge team by tuning in to our Culinary Colledge series. Just like Gino predicted, we've increased our virtual presence, and strive to bring our test kitchen (as well as the knowledge of our chefs) directly in to your home office, virtually. Click the image below to learn more and be connected.

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