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Create a more organized, efficient, profitable, and safe foodservice operation with innovative storage solutions from the brands who know it best.


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Commercial Kitchen Space

Storage is important for so many reasons in Canadian foodservice operations. First, it provides structure for safety, both from a food storage perspective and from a labour perspective. Great storage systems also provide easy access for more efficient service. They reduce food waste, and they make life easier for health inspectors, which is always a good thing.

The bottom line is we know the importance of great food storage, and we've put together this valuable food storage resource page to help Canadian foodservice operators learn the basics. We hope you find this page useful, and we are proud to offer assistance as you look to develop a comprehensive Storage Optimization Action Plan for your establishment.



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Storing & Organizing Kitchen

How and where you store your foods can be as important as what foods you decide to store and serve. An artist doesn't paint without a palette and a chef doesn't impress without mise en place. Well, in our view, mise en place begins with a well-organized kitchen.

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Food Safety & Storage

Almost all food safety issues are rooted in storage. Food stored at the wrong temperatures, foods stored in the wrong places, foods kept on the same shelves with cleaning fluids -- all of these are issues of food storage that lead to issues of food safety. Keeping your customers safe begins with the safe storage of the foods you serve them.

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Merchandisers & Food Storage

Food storage isn't always about just storage. Sometimes, places where foods and beverages are stored, are also places where foods and beverages are sold. The point-of-sale also requires organization, though, and some general storage concepts can help.

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Storing Foods During Delivery

When we think of food storage, we usually think of storing ingredients or supplies in a single location. Storing foods is much more than that, though. It's also part of moving cooked products from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible, all while preserving quality. Let's look at delivery and how it relates to food storage.

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