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Meet Our Team

Since 1953, W. D. Colledge Co. Ltd. has represented industry-leading commercial foodservice equipment brands across Canada.

At Your Service...

Much like snow and ice for six months a year, our team has Canada covered. Meet our experienced and friendly staff.


Gabriel Santos Profile Image

Gabriel Santos

Culinary Specialist/
Sales Rep (BC)

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Chris Williams Profile Image

Chris Williams

Culinary Specialist /
Sales Representative (Alberta)

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John Klingle Profile Image

John Klingle

Enjoying Being Newly Retired

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Kylie MacKell Profile Image

Kylie MacKell

Sales Representative (Alberta)

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Steve MacKell Profile Image

Steve MacKell

Sales Rep (Southern Alberta)

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Scott Westman Profile Image

Scott Westman

Sales Representative
(Saskatchewan & Manitoba)

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Matt Roth Profile Image

Matt Roth

National Contract Accounts /
West Ontario Sales Manager

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Frank Chiarantano Profile Image

Frank Chiarantano

Quotes, Outside Sales GTA/
Healthcare Specialist

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Jim Harlow Profile Image

Jim Harlow

National Chain
Accounts Manager

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Dave Wilson Profile Image

Dave Wilson

Corporate Chef

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Dan Frenette Profile Image

Dan Frenette

Culinary Specialist and Outside Sales - Toronto/Northern Ontario

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Tim Moffatt Profile Image

Tim Moffatt

Quotes, Sales Development &
Key Account Manager

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Alyson Charrette Profile Image

Alyson Charrette

Key Account Manager

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Kevin Kerr Profile Image

Kevin Kerr

Sales Lead and Program Specialist
(Eastern Ontario)

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Matt Julien Profile Image

Matt Julien

Contract, Consultant,
and Design Project Manager

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Gino Licursi Profile Image

Gino Licursi

Sales Rep (Western
Quebec,Ottawa Valley)

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Mikael Ottoni Profile Image

Mikael Ottoni

Culinary Specialist/
Sales Rep (Montreal)

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Claudio Ottoni Profile Image

Claudio Ottoni

Sales Manager
(Eastern Canada)

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Steve Biggin Profile Image

Steve Biggin

Culinary Specialist/
Sales Rep (Atlantic Canada)

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Bill Muise Profile Image

Bill Muise

Sales Representative (Atlantic Canada)

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Mike Boskovski Profile Image

Mike Boskovski

Coffee/Beverage Brand Leader & Key Account Development

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Chris Jeens Profile Image

Chris Jeens


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Steve Tyler Profile Image

Steve Tyler

Consultant Sales Specialist/
Internal Special Projects

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Duane MacNeill Profile Image

Duane MacNeill

Inside Sales & Service
Support(Middleby Brands)

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Neville Jeens Profile Image

Neville Jeens

Project Quotes

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Mike Licursi Profile Image

Mike Licursi

Retired - WDC Ambassador

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Sharon Pinto Profile Image

Sharon Pinto

Distribution/Inventory Administrator and Customer Success

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Simon Jeens Profile Image

Simon Jeens

Warehouse Manager

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Alisha Akeung Profile Image

Alisha Akeung

Stage Manager and Customer Success.

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Avery Adams Profile Image

Avery Adams

Warehouse Manager / Social Media

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