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Exploring 70 Years of W.D. Colledge Excellence

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In the world of foodservice, your reputation is everything. It’s an industry where names are synonymous with quality, innovation, and dedication. W.D. Colledge Co. LTD has embodied these principles across Canada for decades. As we celebrate our 70th year in business, we’re reflecting on where we started while looking toward a bright future. 

Looking Back to the Beginning 

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In 1953, W.D. Colledge was founded by its namesake, William Colledge, to provide quality equipment to foodservice operators in the Toronto area. Since then, we’ve expanded numerous times to become a national representative for the top manufacturers in the industry. With additional offices in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Edmonton, and Montreal, along with our warehouse, showroom, and test kitchen in our Toronto headquarters, our team can address the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently. 

Representing World Class Brands

In addition to having a top-notch team, we also represent the top names in the foodservice manufacturing world. From the back-of-house to the front, our partner brands can help any school, hotel, restaurant, or bar prepare orders and serve customers. In need of equipment to help with receiving and storage? Looking to implement more automation in your business to control costs? Searching for the correct plumbing for your commercial kitchen? Our relationships with over 50 foodservice equipment manufacturers mean we’ll have the best solution for your needs. 

The Team Behind Our Success


Speaking of the team, we’re proud of the people who make up W.D. Colledge. A unique set of personalities with hundreds of years of combined foodservice experience, our sales and support teams keep Canada covered. With account managers, corporate chefs, design project managers, customer service, and project quote managers, someone on our team can take customers from the inquiry stage through to installations and beyond if needed.

But don't let the size of our team fool you. We're dedicated to providing personalized service to everyone we encounter. In fact, it's a source of pride for us to nurture our relationships. It doesn't matter if you're a brand new customer or a business we've been working with for years. Once you start working with us, you're a part of the W.D. Colledge community and will be treated as such.

A Reliable Partner for Culinary Professionals

We understand how hard it can be to buy tools to run a commercial kitchen. Committing to a high-priced piece of equipment that needs to withstand plenty of use for many years can cause people to keep putting it off, which is where our corporate chefs and test kitchens come in.

Stocked with experience, when you visit a WDC test kitchen, you’ll meet directly with our culinary team of chefs to help put your recipes to the test and ensure the equipment you’re interested in can handle the job. Located across the country, from Atlantic Canada to British Columbia, our chefs can help figure out any culinary issue you see. With test kitchens in our Quebec and Ontario offices, you’re welcome to visit with your team, get hands-on testing, and discover how W.D. Colledge can help your foodservice business grow and prosper. Whether it's determining if commercial ventless equipment is the right choice or just wanting to compare ovens, we've got you covered.

Let the experience of the W.D. Colledge team guide your foodservice business with an equipment assessment:

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