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Where Does Air Purification Matter the Most?

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In many cities and provinces, ground zero for the Covid pandemic began in senior care communities across Canada. Because of their population density and focus on communal spaces, these types of residences have been hit hard.

As the pandemic unfolded, long-term care foodservice operations were impacted almost immediately. In most cases, communal dining and social gatherings were suspended, and many directors turned to in-room meal delivery just to keep residents fed.

A year later, things are different. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and directors are still eager to resume dining practices as they were before the pandemic. After all, mealtimes are some of the most rewarding sections of the day for senior care residents, not only bringing nourishment, but also the socialization that can be so important for mental health.

Air Purification: A Key to Senior Care Recovery

We've already talked about the importance of air purification in Canadian restaurants and how it can help increase consumer confidence, but you can make the argument the place air purification is most important is in our long-term care communities. The solution is the same, though, with Middleby's patented Bluezone Air Purification units.

Bluezone is an easy way to make sure air inside senior care communities, particularly the shared spaces within the building, is scrubbed of potentially harmful viruses like SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19. Using ultraviolet technology, air is pulled into a chamber mounted into a ceiling or wall. It's scrubbed of contaminants and then inserted back into the room as clean air.

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