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The Truth Behind Food Delivery

The Truth Behind Food Delivery

There's no way around it. Food delivery is becoming more and more important to the Canadian foodservice industry, and as technologies continue to evolve and digital ordering becomes more popular, food delivery will become even more important.

In a recent Restaurant Business article, the statistics were astounding. Food delivery is expected to grow by at least 12 percent over the next five years, and despite some concerns from operators, more than half report increased sales when offering delivery service, not the other way around. One in four consumers now say they spend more on off-premise orders, and this shift is largely driven by demographics.

The bottom line is Millennials and Generation Z all want food delivery, and it can be profitable… if it's done right.

For diners looking for an experience, there really is no substitute for in-house dining rooms. For diners who would like food delivered, though, there's often another objection.

Quality. How can you get high quality food delivered safely and at the ideal temperature?

As companies continue to form with the sole purpose of delivering food, they have a few ways to distinguish themselves. They can always charge less, but a race to the bottom is never a winning one. They can get food there faster, but even more important, they can get food there in a better serving condition.

Food delivery systems are a huge part of the quality equation, and there are several things to look for in an ideal solution.

How long does the food delivery unit take to heat up? The quicker a delivery system can come up to temperature, the better it's going to work for the operator.

Does the unit need to be plugged in? Remember, we're talking about Millennials here. How convenient do you think a food delivery system that's dependent on a cord is going to be?

How long will food stay hot? If you're only talking about a few minutes, that food is likely cold before it reaches it's destination. If a food delivery system can keep food at temperature for 30 minutes, that's good. If it's 45, that's even better.

Is it easy to clean? Sometimes spills happen. Can the bag be washed?

Is it designed for your specific menu items? Ok, we're really only talking about one thing here, and if you've ever ordered delivery, there's a good chance it was… pizza. If you're delivering pizza, why not have a food delivery system made for pizza?

We have a solution that can answer these questions and more.

Introducing the ThermaCube Food Delivery System from CookTek. It delivers, a-hum, unrivaled temperature control and will even control humidity levels. Because it's made with ultra-precise induction technology, food will not cook or overheat, and it certainly won't go cold.

Discover all the details you'll need to see in this six-minute video on the ThermaCube Food Delivery System from CookTek.

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