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What is Nitro Coffee?

What is Nitro Coffee (1)Rich, creamy, foamy, delicately sweet, and served ice cold... just what is nitro coffee and why is it the hottest new beverage trend to hit Canadian coffee shops?

Creamy, Sweet Coffee Flavour

First, let's dispel the most common myth about this popular new coffee beverage. Despite what the name suggests, this coffee is not turbo-charged with caffeine! It has the same amount of caffeine as whatever coffee brew from which it's made. The nitro bit is because it's infused with harmless nitrogen.

Nitrogen gas is what gives it the delicately sweet flavour and creamy texture for which it is so prized. Nitrogen has a naturally sweet flavour and exceptionally small bubbles.  In fact, the bubbles are so tiny that your mouth perceives them as creaminess rather than carbonation. 

The natural sweetness of the nitrogen, along with the creamy texture it gives the coffee, means no sugar and cream are needed. It's sweet, creamy coffee without the added calories! This makes it an indulgent mid-afternoon pick-me-up without the dreaded sugar crash afterward.

This may be where the myth of extra caffeine began. Coffee that normally has added sugar and cream is diluted. Consumed in an undiluted form, nitro coffee has more pure coffee per cup. Hence, more caffeine per cup.

A Unique Coffee Experience

Nitro coffee is usually made with rich, full-bodied dark roasts that are cold brewed. This combination results in a naturally smooth and less acidic coffee with an extraordinarily smooth flavour.  This delightful coffee is best-enjoyed ice cold for the most refreshing and enjoyable coffee drink around.

It may also have higher levels of beneficial antioxidants because of the cold brew process. During the brewing and dispensing process, the antioxidants naturally present in coffee are protected from their two greatest enemies— heat and air. It's calorie-saving, full of beneficial antioxidants, and delicious. What more could one expect from such an indulgent coffee treat?

How about being lactose-free and vegan-friendly? Nitro coffee has all of the rich, creamy flavour and mouthfeel of dairy without containing any actual dairy products. This makes it ideal for those who can't (or prefer not to) consume cream or other dairy products.

Sipped slowly, it's easy to savour the smooth richness and lusciously creamy and silky mouthfeel of this unique form of coffee. It has the same foamy head and smooth finish as a cold pint of Guinness — without the alcohol.

It looks just as appealing in the glass as that pint of Guinness, too. The high, frothy head and tiny bubbles cascading down the glass are picture-perfect and it tastes even better than it looks!

Could Your Business Use a Boost from U-Line?

ulineCreating these beverages for guests requires having the right commercial equipment, and there's no better system on the market than a U-Line Cold Coffee Dispenser Tap, featuring JoeTap's patent pending technology that is trusted by America's largest coffee chain (not to name drop or anything - but they're kind of a big deal in the coffee world.) Not only can you create nitrogen infused coffee, U-Line can also expand your offers with your cocktail menu, too, once the sun goes down. U-Line units are designed with this dual purpose type of operation in mind, providing dispensing options that come in both two- and four-tap units that double as both a cold brew dispenser and one for nitro cocktails. This means that you can design your menu to fit the needs of your own guests. 

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