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Take a Trip to Singapore and Discover Some Amazing Open-Flame Dishes

Take a Trip to Singapore and Discover Some Amazing Open-Flame Dishes

The history of fire and food goes back a long, long time. In fact, this relationship is in part what allowed humans to evolve as a species. Even though we once cooked over open flames out of necessity, now we can do it out of enjoyment.

Another aspect of our culinary roots involves the exploration of different cuisines. Where do our foods come from? How are they cooked? What do they taste like? And is there a relationship between place and process?

Over time, we've come to enjoy the blending of different preparation methods, the evolution of different types of cooking equipment, and the synergies between different types of cuisines.

One of the things that often bring all these factors together, though, is fire.

Let's take a trip to Singapore to discover open-flame cooking at its best and meet the people who have created some of those amazing dishes we so often reflect upon with nostalgia. 

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