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Here's a Great Way to Purify the Air in Your Restaurant

Heres a Great Way to Purify the Air in Your Restaurant

One of the biggest obstacles to creating consumer confidence during the current coronavirus pandemic is the potential of virus-filled air. Whether it's a restaurant serving up Canadian comfort food or a retail outlet selling sweaters, every industry is facing a similar set of challenges.

As we know, COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets and aerosols, so implementing the right air purification strategies can help reduce the risk of infection, in some cases drastically. This helps assure patrons, regardless of the industry, that efforts are being made to keep them safe.

But how?

Standard air purification systems can be expensive and ineffective against viruses like COVID-19, or SARS-CoV-2. According to studies, though, what is effective is a patented ultraviolet germicidal light process, which eliminates the ability for a virus to replicate itself by removing its RNA. In laymen's terms, this means the virus no longer has the genetic blueprint needed for reproduction, and all it takes is a small, rectangular unit that can be mounted to the ceiling.

Introducing the Bluezone® Viral Kill Unit

viral kill units for restaurants canadaBluezone by Middleby Viral Kill Units pull restaurant air up into the ceiling and into a reaction chamber where it is scrubbed by the aforementioned ultraviolet light process. This UV technology does not require any filters, nor does it require expensive modifications to existing HVAC systems. It simply needs to be mounted into the ceiling.

As detailed in the studies linked above, this technology was tested over different periods of time, and the results showed it's 99.9995% effective in destroying indoor contaminants and viruses with the makeup similar to COVID-19. This technology is groundbreaking, it's received awards from the United States military, and it's now in production through Bluezone.

Units are only available for preorder at this moment. To learn more or to reserve your Bluezone Viral Kill Unit, please fill out the form below.