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How BSI Can Help Keep Your Restaurant Safe When Re-Opening

Employee Serving Food

Canadian foodservice organizations can breathe a little easier as provincial and regional governments begin to consider carefully planned re-opening to the public. During the COVID-19 pandemic, emergency conditions restricted restaurants, school cafeterias and convenience stores to takeout, delivery or drive-through. The re-opening date varies across the country, but thankfully, it is in sight.

Re-Opening for Self-Service Food Operations

Self-service style operations have a critical situation that must be addressed, since direct contact with food items by customers is prohibited. BSI Designs offers new solutions that help self-service food facilities comply with legislative regulations.

Reduced Contact with Food Products

The new landscape for establishments with self-serve stations goes above and beyond the strict regulations in place for full-service operations. Distancing between customers and staff is a necessary part of the plan, but so is reducing contact with the food products.

This adds a unique twist to re-opening self-serve facilities.  Owners and managers are advised to rely on staff support for selecting and serving food items. Customers will not have the option of directly handling foods from a buffet, salad bar or self-serve unit. It will be necessary to build a physical separation between the customers and the food to reduce the risk of contamination. Does this mean that any self-service equipment already in place can be used? BSI offers new solutions that make the answer to this question a resounding "yes"!

Using Your Existing Self-Service Food Equipment

As much as you are looking forward to re-opening, you may be apprehensive about the potential cost and disruption to your current setup. BSI's food guards give you the advantage of quickly converting existing self-serve equipment into full-serve units.

The owners and operators of foodservice facilities are being held responsible for securing the safety of their premises. Each foodservice operation is unique, so you are obligated to implement and maintain the applicable infection prevention. In most cases, it means outfitting your facility with equipment that guarantees the proper control measures. BSI's Food Guard Retrofit Kits make it possible for foodservice facilities to seamlessly transition in sync with the changes and with manageable costs.

BSI's Food Guard Retrofit Kits

BSI's new Retrofit Kits are customizable, turnkey solutions designed to support your existing BSI Retrofit Guard footprint. Manufactured from acrylic and polycarbonate, they are designed for compatibility with most 1-inch BSI guards. They can be modified to fit 1.5-inch posts, or any alternate post size needed. They can be installed for both immediate and long-term use, making it simple for you to adjust to changes in health and safety regulations.

There are clear benefits to adapting your current self-service equipment to meet the health and safety requirements:

  • Affordable solution to safely generate revenue for your foodservice operation
  • Simple clip system easily affixes to existing BSI guards
  • Customizable to existing layout with fit and clearance digitally verified
  • Leverages existing footprint while protecting customers and staff
  • Flexibility to incorporate or remove as needed

Adapting to New Consumer Needs in Foodservice

Navigating the effects of the pandemic is complex for foodservice operations. It involves food safety as well as consumer and employee safety.

To its advantage, the foodservice industry is highly resilient. The outlook for a post-COVID future is optimistic, provided we plan realistically. Being prepared for re-opening let alone the potential for another shutdown ensures survival.

Working with the recommendations from provincial and local health departments gives you the opportunity to ensure a safe and secure re-opening. It may very well be within reach, so adapting to new consumer needs and habits means you can get back into the full swing once it happens. For self-service food operations, implementing additional layers of protection makes a world of difference. With its Food Guard Retrofit Kits, BSI offers new solutions for the changing times.


Start planning for re-opening and schedule an equipment evaluation with one of our reps today:

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