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What Is TruVection, and Why Should Your Canadian Foodservice Operation Care?

What Is TruVection?

Southbend's TruVection technology has been heralded as some of the most innovate commercial oven technology in the foodservice industry. But what is TruVection, and what makes it so special?

For starters, we have to look at some of the real challenges commercial kitchens face across Canada. Three of those challenges are space, versatility, and high performance – all three of which obviously lead to the most important factor, profitability.

What makes TruVection good for saving space?

Southbend's TruVection ovens are low profile and can be used on countertops with a stacked or range base, while also allowing for cook top creativity. Because of its space-saving design, operators can actually put ovens in places where they never thought they could put an oven. If your question is, can we increase our kitchen's capabilities in the footprint that we have, with TruVection the answer is "yes."

Why is TruVection so versatile?

Versatility comes in a variety of formats. First of all, the TruVection oven can be used in a whole range of operations, from bakeries and restaurants to cafeterias and hospitals. But what makes it versatile to any one of those different establishments? It can be used in a variety of configurations – as a base, mounted on a countertop, or even stacked two or three high giving operators three temperature zones in a footprint less than a meter wide.

How is the TruVection better performing than the competition?

TruVection meets the challenge of offering a gas convection oven with a patented, high-efficiency inshot burner. It heats up quickly and provides superior uniform baking performance. With 52,000 BTUs, the Southbend TruVection has more power than any other convection base on the market.

What happens when you add up the benefits of the Southbend TruVection oven?

What you'll find when you combine the high-performance, versatility, and space-saving technology of the TruVection oven is an opportunity to do more with the space in your commercial kitchen. At the end of the day, in many cases, that can translate to higher profits.

Learn more about what the Southbend TruVection oven can do for your foodservice operation. Schedule a free foodservice equipment assessment with WD Colledge.

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