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User-Friendly, Quality Espresso With Synesso

Shot of Espresso

Grabbing a cup of coffee is something Canadians love to do. According to the website Coffee BI, Canada is one of the largest coffee-consuming countries in the world. 

There are many ways to drink a cup of coffee, but one of the fastest-growing segments is espresso. Don’t let making an espresso intimidate you or your team. When using the right equipment, it is easy for baristas to pull a perfect shot every time.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is not only the process of producing a coffee drink but also the actual drink itself. The espresso machine uses 132 pounds of pressure to force hot water through finely-ground coffee beans to produce a small, concentrated drink that’s referred to as a shot. Originating in Italy, espresso has a higher fat quantity than a regular cup of coffee. It also has an airy layer on top referred to as the crema, which helps indicate how fresh the beans used were. And although it’s commonly believed that espresso needs unique beans to make the drink, it’s the fine grind that makes it ready for espresso, not the bean itself.

Popular Espresso Drinks

According to the Coffee Association of Canada, customers under 35 are more likely to drink espresso-based drinks. There are many ways to enjoy espresso - some enjoy it as a straight shot while others like it included in a crafted drink. Here are some popular espresso-based drinks and what sets them apart: 

  • Affogato - ice cream topped with a shot of espresso 
  • Americano - espresso mixed with water
  • Cappuccino - espresso served with steamed milk and topped with milk foam
  • Dirty Chai - cup of chai with a shot of espresso 
  • Latte - served with a larger milk-to-espresso ratio
  • Macchiato - shot of espresso with a small amount of milk foam
  • Red Eye - a regular cup of coffee with a shot of espresso

How Espresso Can Help Your Business

Often considered a premium drink and priced accordingly, the cost of making a shot ofSynesso S Series espresso or creating an espresso-based drink isn’t expensive. It only involves the cost of beans that need to be ground and, for most drinks, milk, which means a small expense that allows for premium pricing, increasing your profits. It’s also a drink option that sets bakeries, cafes, and other businesses that serve coffee apart from the competition. While you might think that espresso is hard to make and would increase your labor costs, the truth is that the Synesso S-Series espresso machine is easy to use and doesn't require extensive training or labor, while producing a quality espresso drink.  

The S-Series machine, with automatic repeatable recipes, extraction controlled by volumetric programming, and digital shot times, is the most user-friendly professional espresso machine available. With quality internal components, you’ll still get a high-quality espresso machine at a budget-friendly price. 

Ready to learn more about how Synesso espresso machines can help pour more profits into your business? Schedule your free beverage consultation and speak with one of our expert team members to learn more. 

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