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Reopening a Restaurant in a Post-Pandemic Climate


With COVID-19 shaking up the food industry, many commercial kitchens are looking to maintain compliance with local ordinances for safety precautions while still delivering their favorite dishes to their customers. Taking these measures are not only for maintaining what is required but for the safety of your staff and customers. TableCraft has the answers for all your post-pandemic restaurant needs. Below are the best ways to reopen safely, whether it is take-out only or half capacity indoor dining.

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Signage for the Restaurant

Tablecraft SignageHaving appropriate signs available for your customers is essential when reopening in a post-pandemic culture. For businesses with more than one entry, you should be outlining which door is the entrance and which is the exit for your customers. Also, remind them that social distancing is in effect, and show signs that outline a 6-foot distance between them and other patrons in the dining area. With face-covering becoming highly recommended or required in various areas, it is important to post signage for these new precautions as well. 

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Placing Safety Shields

So many restaurants and commercial kitchens have areas where customers may come into contact with staff. In areas where customers and staff members could be less than six feet apart from each other, safety shields are an option to minimize exposure.


These shields are great for protecting your staff members from customers when they are paying for their items at the register or when they are being served cafeteria-style. These are also great for host stations at dine-in restaurants.

When customers enter the restaurant, they are met by the host who should be protected when having to speak directly to these customers and prepare their table. 

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Pump Dispensers

If your commercial kitchen allows a self-serve option in your dining room, then pump dispensers are ideal for allowing customers to minimize their contact with staff by pumping their own condiments.TC Pump

This keeps the contact minimal and encourages more staff to feel at ease while working in food service. These pumps can easily be sanitized between uses so that the exposure is limited among customers. 

See more pump dispenser information from TableCraft.

Disposable Picks & Serving Utensils

One of the best ways to protect your staff from being exposed to COVID-19 is to dispose of as many utensils daily as possible. The more dishes that have to come back through the kitchen and be cleaned means that much more of a risk.


With disposable picks and serving utensils for guests, these items can be thrown straight into the trash and reduce the exposure immensely between customers and between staff. When you choose disposable, Tablecraft offers environmentally friendly options that are recyclable for the environment.

See the disposable options from TableCraft.

Choose Bottles & To-Go Cups

When you offer bottles of your customers' favorite beverages or to-go cups, you are allowing them to safely enjoy their favorite drinks and blends from the safety of their own homes.togo

Choose sealed bottles and pair them with to-go portions of the additional ingredients needed.

Add paper instructions and utensils for mixing. Tablecraft offers citrus squeezers and jiggers for customers to enjoy. 

See an assortment of bottles & to-go cups from TableCraft.


Serve With A Basket or Tray

If you need to return change to your customer, place all cash and coins in a Tablecraft Tray or Basket for safe and no-contact delivery when paying for their items. tbaskettc-1

If you are serving to-go only for your customers, carry their drinks and bagged items in one of these baskets so that you can reach out, and they can take their items, allowing your staff and customers to remain in social distancing compliance. 

See more information about transactional baskets here.


Start preparing your commercial kitchen for reopening with Tablecraft products. If you would like more information on the products available, give us a call today or reach out for more information. 

We’ll walk you through some of the basic considerations and direct you to the solution that makes the most sense for your goals and objectives. 

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