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Keeping Surfaces Clean And Sanitary With Metro and Microban

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The intensity of commercial kitchen operations can be overwhelming. Orders are flying in as fast as prepared meals are leaving. The staff is moving as if in a full-contact ballet, and chefs are literally playing with fire.  And while this magical chaos is in full swing, the foodservice industry has to keep mindful of some very important rules regarding safety. Hot and sharp are quick to come to most people’s minds. Kitchen cleanliness and food safety, including foodborne illness, are also vital concerns. 

Foodborne illnesses are, unfortunately, not isolated events, either. On average, approximately 1 in 8 Canadians will be affected by a food-borne illness, annually. That’s nearly 4 million people! You don’t want your restaurant related to those kinds of statistics. 

Introducing Microban

Microban is an amazing antimicrobial product developed to combat the dangers of microbial growth. Microbes are microorganisms, most commonly bacteria, which we regularly touch and pass from surface to surface. Foodborne illness is often the result of these microbial transfers. The same foodborne illness that threatens safety in and out of the kitchen. 

Microban utilizes 25 different organic and inorganic antimicrobial technologies, which significantly reduce or eliminate the presence and growth of microorganisms. By integrating this same technology into products commonly used in commercial applications, businesses are able to develop and use products that have anti-microbial formulas built into them.

Even after these various products are being commercially produced and sold, Microban continues to regularly check the efficacy of their functionality. In other words, they conduct ongoing quality control testing to make sure its products are combating microorganisms at a consistently high rate to keep their customer's customers safe.

Where Should You Utilize Microban?

Microban is most effectively used on surfaces or within products in high-traffic areas. Namely, those areas which regularly come in contact with food and/or hands. 

For instance, imagine your kitchen has just handled and cut raw chicken. The areas are properly washed down and now items are being retrieved from the pantry. How many surfaces could have been touched with microbes present? Were the knives, hands, cutting boards, sink faucet nozzle and handles all properly washed and wiped before the pantry was touched? 

Even if proper protocol is followed, mistakes can happen and germs are invisible. If the pantry racks and cabinets are protected with Microban, you’ll know that you have additional protective layers watching your back.

Whether it be storage shelves, faucet heads and handles, or cutting boards, you’ll want to incorporate Microban products wherever you need to be able to reduce the presence of microorganisms as much as possible.  

Metro With Microban Products

Remember our orchestrated kitchen scene from before? Now imagine the number of microbial transfers that can take place without protective surfaces to combat them? 

The easiest way to keep surfaces clean in your commercial kitchen? Use Metro with Microban products. Their carts, shelving, racks, dish dollies, and work centers give security that your kitchen is already combatting the threat of food-borne illness simply because of the products you use.