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How Much Can You Save with a Reduced Oil Volume Fryer?

How Much Can You Save with a Reduced Oil Volume Fryer?

Reduced Oil Volume Fryers are revolutionary. Simply put, they use less oil, which means lower overall costs for Canadian foodservice operators.

While traditional fryers will use around 23 kilograms of oil, a Pitco Reduced Oil Volume, or ROV, fryer will use around 14 kilograms.

It's all about turnover. With these innovative units, small amounts of oil are replenished as oil is inevitably removed with food. Oil is put back into the units faster than it can deteriorate, which leads to oil with a longer life cycle than traditional options.

Even better, oil is never given the chance to fully oxidize, meaning the fryer basin is always at ideal depth and is filled with fresh oil that translates to higher quality foods.

That's not all...

* The Pitco ROV fryer can increase personal safety for operators who directly handle oil.

* The Picto ROV fryer can reduce an operations carbon footprint. Units are Energy Star certified and require fewer deliveries or waste pickups.

* The Pitco ROV fryer can save you money.

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Performance Depends on What You're Tracking to Perform

Sometimes it's hard to know what to look at when it comes to frying oil program performance. Like everything else, though, it all comes down to data.

If you're looking to determine what key performance indicators you should review, schedule some time with one of the characters at W.D. Colledge, and let us hlep you get a better understanding of how well your oil program is performing in relation to your strategic goals and objectives.

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