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This Is What Happens When You Hit Mightylite Pan Carriers with a Baseball Bat

This Is What Happens When You Hit Mightylite Pan Carriers with a Baseball Bat

Any Jays fans in the house? We have a few in ours, but whether you're a supporter of the Toronto Blue Jays or the L.A. Dodgers, you have to admit a baseball bat can cause damage on any object it strikes.

So what did we do? We took it to one of our favourite pieces of foodservice equipment.

The Mightylite Insulated Pan Carrier from Metro is an ultra-light, super-strong carrier designed to move both hot and cold foods in bulk. Whether you're providing a buffet service onsite or looking to transport food products across your hotel grounds, foods held in Mightylite pan carriers can keep foods safe for more than five hours.

Why Consider Mightylite Pan Carriers from Metro

If you're looking for the ideal pan carrier, definitely include Metro as part of your consideration and decision-making process. They are made from advanced polymer foam called EPP, or Expanded Polypropylene, that has an unbelievable strength-to-weight ratio with the ability to absorb impacts often caused by foodservice operations.


EPP is made from plastic and is engineered to be incredibly lightweight. It is used in a wide variety of applications where weight reduction is important.


Not just strong, but super strong. EPP has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is excellent at absorbing energy and withstanding impacts that would normally cause damage.


A pan carrier is created, first and foremost, for its insulation. EPP provides effective thermal insulation to help keep foods out of the danger zone.


Keep things clean and sanitary is important. EPP is chemically inert and unaffected by oils, grease, and most chemicals. More important, it does not support microbial growth.


EPP is an environmentally sound, 100 percent recyclable material. No damaging compounds are created during its manufacturing. 

Learn more about Mightylite Insulated Pan Carriers from Metro.

We've represented Metro foodservice equipment for a long time. We understand its strengths and ideal applications, and we'd be happy to share our ideas with you and your team. For a quick discussion about Metro and Mightylite, schedule an assessment with us today.

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