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Heated Holding for Takeout and Delivery Programs

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The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, especially in foodservice. The restaurant industry has seen more changes than just about any other business because of local and national health regulations. Operations underwent a shift towards takeout and delivery to recoup some of the revenue they have lost due to closures and limited seating.

As restaurants have changed their business models, some have found the need for additional equipment. The need for holding cabinets and heating shelving has become a critical piece of equipment to manage and increase carryout and takeout requests.

The Shift to Takeout and Delivery

Canadian restaurants have had to adapt to stay open during the pandemic. According to Restaurants Canada, a survey they conducted showed that small- and medium-sized businesses have been devastated by the loss of business; and many have had to close. Further, the survey found that 18% of respondents thought they would need to close permanently if business conditions didn’t improve.

One of the ways that many of these restaurateurs were able to stay open was to become more aggressive in their carryout and delivery business. The accelerated takeout and delivery business caused restaurants to purchase more user-friendly to-go products and heating elements to keep food warm until it reaches its intended customers.

Heating Elements Leading the Way

Heated cabinets and heating shelving units, like those made by Metro Foodservice, have become a requirement when elevating to go and delivering food.

Metro Service Holding Cabinets are made to fit the needs of restaurants, cafeterias, schools, buffets, and the added increase in delivery and takeout food. Commercial kitchens and restaurants not only have to create high-quality food, but they also need heated holding cabinets to keep those finished meals properly heated without compromising the quality. Each dish needs to be kept with the right levels of moisture and temperature control.

Metro heated holding cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes and insulation types to ensure that food reaches customers the way it was intended. Piping hot and as delicious as it would be if they were sitting in the restaurant dining in person.

Metro also has units that can be transported and are great for any mobile application.

Metro Foodservice Heated Shelving

Some restaurants, especially those that are very small, may not have the space for a large heated cabinet, so they have other options to choose from. One popular item is heated shelving.

Metro Foodservice Heated Shelving is another item that is helping restaurant owners deliver top-quality meals. These food warming units can be used in the front and back of the house to keep the temperature of food orders at the optimum level. Many shelving units have embedded heating elements to keep the cart shelves warm. They are often used to store pizzas and other takeout food ready for pick-up. They have various temperature settings to ensure that food held inside is neither too hot nor too cold.

How can we help you adapt to the new world of foodservice?

Looking for ways to remain profitable, efficient, or flexible in your foodservice operation? These heated innovations are just a small sample of space-saving tools that W.D. Colledge represents. To find out more, and speak with your local expert, contact our team today.