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Here's the Plexor, the Latest Innovation in Canadian Commercial Kitchens

turbochef plexor hero - wdc

Time. Staffing. Space. These are three of the most precious resources in Canadian commercial kitchens, and with the new Plexor oven from TurboChef, those things just became more abundant. With two different models available, operators now have both manual or automatic control of two or three different cooking chambers. Here's a closer look at the Plexor.

What you need to know about the Plexor:


Customizable Cooking Chambers

Many kitchens are limited by the three factors listed at the opening of this blog -- time, labor, and space. As a result, menu diversity might be something to avoid rather than attain. With Plexor, there are up to three different cooking chambers that can utilize three different types of cooking processes. Each unit is customizable to contain a combination of rapid cook technology, convection, as well as impingement. Plexor is the only oven in the industry to provide this level of functionality within the same unit.

Faster Operational Efficiency

When putting food in an oven, it carries a "halo" of cold air around it. Unfortunately, it takes longer for the ambient heat of the oven to penetrate that halo, leading to inconsistencies within the food (i.e., cold centers). The Plexor Turbochef contains an impingement oven, meaning it uses a stream of hot air to break through the cold air and deliver even heat from the get-go. In addition, the Plexor can also be arranged to include TurboChef's patented rapid cook technology. With this kind of fast-paced cooking now readily available, kitchens can work at maximum efficiency.

Space-Saving, Ventless Design

Most commercial kitchens have limited space. The more one can do in a single footprint, the better. This is certainly the case with Plexor, as either two or three unique cooking chambers are contained in the same unit. In addition, the Plexor is completely ventless. No matter which combination or model, the Plexor can provide the full range of cooking capabilities without the use of commercial ventilation.

Plexor offers a manual and an automatic version, meaning operators can adapt to meet changing demands. The A3 automated version employs three different cooking chambers with automated drawers and controls. The manual M2 uses two cook chambers with manual oven door accessibility. Either way, the Turbochef can fit seamlessly into any operation, even pop-up and ghost kitchens. 

See a Plexor Turbochef Rapid Cook Oven in Person

It's easy to hear how well a Turbochef can revolutionize a modern kitchen. However, it's completely different to experience it up close. Fortunately, operators can see both the manual M2 and automatic A3 versions working live at the RC Show or in the WDC Test Kitchen as part of the Plexor Road Show from TurboChef.